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Automated Packaging Systems (Autobag)


Packaging and Logistics Focus

When responsibility for purchasing is split over multiple sites, it can be easy for communication to become disjointed and efficiencies to slide.

When autonomous sites are located in different parts of the world, the problem is compounded and business owners often don’t even realise it’s happening. That was exactly the case for Automated Packaging Systems (Autobag) with their multinational, multi-lingual operations and logistics.

Thanks to Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA), a full review of packaging and logistics led to substantial savings, increased efficiencies across the globe and a more robust supply chain.

All in a day’s work for Lorraine Gannon and her team (Simon Phippen – Packaging and Kevin Fryer – Logistics)!

To find out more about how ERA helped Automated Packaging Systems, including results, savings and more details from the client, download the full case study now.

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“ERA’s review was strategic in terms of looking at what could be achieved. Simple lack of communication meant that some of our margins were suffering. Thanks to their holistic approach and the strength of ERA’s procurement experience, they were able to leverage savings where we couldn’t. When you think you’re doing a good job of something, you don’t scrutinise it – now we know different!”

Peter Wylie, Managing Director, Autobag

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