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Ervin Amasteel

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Ervin Amasteel has been the benchmark for steel abrasives since the 1920s, when John F. Ervin first developed the steel abrasive casting process, which is used by all producers today. The Ervin Test Machine is used by all quality steel shot abrasives producers to compare their performance with others. Ervin Amasteel is probably the largest selling Steel Abrasive brand in the world for shotblasting applications.

“We have undertaken an interesting range of projects for Ervin Amasteel,” says Andrew Brackenbury of Expense Reduction Analysts. “The first project featured Paul Giness’s work on Business Rates for the 2005 listing, which continued forward into the 2010 listing. Going forward, Simon Phippen found savings on Packing and Pallets. And we delivered keener rates and better terms by recommending a change of insurance broker.

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Ervin Amasteel

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“Over the years Expense Reduction Analysts have been an excellent resource for Ervin Amasteel. They have been innovative in their approach to cost savings and have helped us realise benefits that we would never have achieved on our own. I’m grateful for their support and have no hesitation in recommending them to others”

Steve Mills, Chief Operating Officer, Ervin Amasteel

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