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ERA’s Client Partner Ken Rogers worked with Procurement Director Richard Young at Flybe. Together, they were able to achieve really significant annual savings, far in excess of initial forecasts. This, whilst reducing average international supply chain delivery times by five days and reducing Aircraft-on-the-Ground parts movement by almost a third.

It was a hugely complicated but hugely satisfactory project with both significant financial benefits and tangible process improvements for Flybe. Percentage savings were well into double digits and compliance improved both internally and externally.

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“Ken and his team have stood firm in the face of a huge undertaking. This was a large and significant project for us and the contribution made by ERA cannot simply be measured in pounds and pence. Whilst they delivered for us financially, their contribution to reengineering our processes and procedures is what will remain with us for the long term.”

Richard Young, Procurement Director, Flybe

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