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Alex Maby, Group Finance Director, H&T Group, wanted to explore effective procurement to ensure best value was being achieved. Following a meeting with Paul Davidson and Nigel Burnip of ERA, Alex felt the offering was a ‘winwin’ arrangement and subsequently engaged a team of ERA’s specialist procurement advisors to review a range of expenditure categories.

Tom Cooper, has over 21 years experience in telecoms and was enlisted to assist H&T in reducing costs and finding a supplier that could be more reactive to their needs. Tom advised H&T on the best time to end the contract with their supplier, preventing an automatic rollover and gaining a substantial credit payment. The client then received a proposal for a 24-month contract (with 90-days required notice from H&T) with a potential supplier. These combined factors reduced the category expenditure by 20%.

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“We have gained a great confidence in what we are spending money on thanks to the experts review. We now have a structured procurement process with the correct suppliers and measures in place; we know that we are not being overcharged and that our suppliers are keeping their prices competitive to retain our business. We have a detailed analysis of all of our expenditure categories at a much more intricate level than we would have been able to accomplish without ERA. I would definitely recommend ERA to other organisations looking to make improvements to their procurement.”

Alex Maby, Group Finance Director, H&T Group

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