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Southfields Multi-Academy Trust Work with ERA to Deliver Transparent Strategic Savings

Southfields Academy converted to a Multi-Academy Trust in 2018, comprising a 1300-pupil secondary school with a nursery and sports centre facilities.

When Catherine Anderson met Steve Elson the FD and his team, he told her that the MAT had a healthy balance sheet and planned to expand to 6-10 schools in the future. Steve wanted to know if the Trust was currently getting the best value in its procurement, or could it achieve better; and where possible, could new schools be added easily to supplier contracts.

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Inside the full case study, find out more about how ERA was able to make significant savings for Southfields Multi-Academy Trust. Download today to see how ERA could help your business.

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"I continue to be impressed with the knowledge that ERA's people have across a number of differing areas. I trust them, have learnt a lot from them and have found it easy working with them all.

I use ERA in areas where I perceive there to be a risk that I'm not able to get the best value."

Stephen Elson - Director of Finance, Southfields Multi-Academy Trust

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