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Building on partnerships with local suppliers delivers savings for Chester Solicitors, Storrar Cowdry.

Solicitors Storrar Cowdry have been serving both private and commercial clients from their Chester offices for over 35 years. 2015 marked a big move for the organisation with the amalgamation of two sites into an impressive new city HQ and the conversion to limited company status.

At the time of ERA’s original engagement in 2015 the practice was looking for immediate assistance in understanding the lease and maintenance contract commitments of 5 copier/printing machines, provided by 2 separate suppliers.

To date (Jan. 2020) gross savings of £61,000 have been delivered for the family run practice, which employs around 30 staff.

Download the full case study today which provides more detail about the specific areas we have been able to deliver sustainable cost savings and how our industry specialists have been able to achieve them.

Download the full case study

Inside the case study you will find more information from the industry specialists involved including the areas they were able to find the most cost savings. The case study also contains feedback from the client on their working relationship with ERA.

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"ERA’s approach was a good match, offering the benefit of a depth of buying expertise represented by a local associate able to attend face to face meetings on a regular basis. The savings have been achieved largely without any disruption to our supply chain.”

Darlene Storrar, Managing Partner - Storrar Cowdry

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