Andrew Kinnear

Andrew Kinnear

Project Specialist: Photocopiers

Andrew has a wealth of experience in the copier and printer marketplace, having been in the industry for over 20 years.

Prior to joining ERA in 2013, Andrew had various roles within The Managed Print Industry. He’s looked after many clients across a wide variety of business sectors, some for more than 20 years. These typically being SME’S to large enterprises with large print fleets, many with multiple offices.

With his lifetime experience in Managed Print, Andrew has built up a significant understanding of his clients’ requirements, not least the complex approaches to contracts, service agreements and finance arrangements available by many different suppliers and third party resellers.

Andrew’s focus within ERA is to help clients understand their current document infrastructure and then to implement and manage an improved system using reliable, proven suppliers, with the end result of adding value and reducing costs through effective procurement.

Through the use of his extensive understanding of a company’s current print contracts and the options available to meet their print requirements, Andrew has developed a reputation for delivering an excellent service.

The nature of photocopier and printer procurement means that contracts are only undertaken every few years. It is therefore a category for which few companies can be confident they have the in-house expertise required to negotiate the maze of product options and deals to obtain the best value.

The independent advice provided by Andrew enables his clients to do so, and avoids mistakes that might not only be costly but also result in a long term contract that the client might ultimately regret!