Chris Coomber

Chris Coomber

Project specialist: Insurance

Chris leads ERA’s Insurance Cost Management team. He brings with him more than thirty years’ experience, gained within the insurance and risk management sectors and is therefore ideally placed to advise clients on how to reduce expenditure on insurance whilst optimising service and delivering value.

He is a highly skilled project director, with a proven track record of delivering results in national and international markets. Prior to joining ERA, Chris worked in Australia, as well as internationally within Europe and spent some significant time in Moscow working closely with the City Government.

Since joining ERA eighteen years ago, Chris has developed an innovative and robust project process to give ERA ICM’s clients a tangible, consistent path through often complex and strategic negotiations with suppliers.

It’s designed to derive maximum benefit in terms of improving delivery and performance from a range of alternate insurance and risk programmes for clients, whilst also delivering significant savings.

Chris has worked for hundreds of clients of all shapes and sizes in a range of different industries and averages a 20% saving. On some notable occasions, he has delivered considerably more than that; an 80% reduction in spend for one client and a £640,000 per annum saving for another.