Daniel Howells

Daniel Howells

Project specialist: Waste & recycling

Daniel Howells is a Chartered Waste Manager and Waste Management Consultant. He is a former Key Account Manager at one of the largest waste management companies in the UK.

Specialising in the development of strategic plans and project management of key long-term projects providing cost saving initiatives.

Daniel’s typical clients have included national high street Retailers, Supermarket chains, the NHS and the Construction sector.

Daniel has significant experience in proactively leading joint company, account planning processes that developed mutual performance objectives and delivered against financial targets, and critical milestones.

Client cost reduction is at the heart of Daniel’s experience. He is able to achieve results through collaborative working with stakeholders – typically within the supply chain and logistics areas of the client business – in order to make changes to processes.

Through his experience in the waste management contracting field, Daniel has a wealth of knowledge regarding the industry. Daniel has previously worked with the Chartered Institute of Waste Management Head Office in Northampton, helping CIWM’s clients to become more sustainable and manage their waste and resources more effectively.

Recent Successes

International Fashion Brand – 18%

18% saving on washroom services negotiated by Daniel, mid contract, with no reduction in service level. Strategic advice also given to enable longer term cost savings.

UK based food logistics company – 28%

Consolidation of supplier base allowed Daniel to provide this client with a 26% saving. The client was also keen to ensure that their services were environmentally friendly, and the solution will deliver that.

A Conversation with Daniel Howells, Project Specialist: Waste & Recycling

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