Deniz Yalciner


Experienced manager with a wide background in international and global management with the last 10 years spent in all areas of international sales environments at companies like Symantec and Microsoft.

Deniz covers the most aspects of in management of the whole sales cycle, specialised in Information Technology and its security based on the main core factor of driving revenue in progressive increasing revenue including aftersales, cross sales etc.

Always seeking for interdependent factors within the sales cycle of all relevant target industries develop and increase the whole relevant business regarding revenue and market share as well as goal like value of trade mark and products etc. with a strong affinity to detailed and complex structures in markets, clients, economies and procedures that could be relevant for the short-, mid-, and long termed development shown by targets for more than five years, fiscal year, quarter and even weekly and daily results.

+44 780 402 95 49 / +44 1276 50 70 82

Deniz Yalciner