Glenn Cotter

Glenn Cotter

Project specialist: Staffing, Waste & recycling

Glenn joined ERA in 2003 and has helped many clients across most industry sectors with their staffing needs; whether that be for recruitment or using temporary agency staff.

Recruitment Costs

Recruitment Fees are normally based on the final salary of the candidate and can range from 15% to 24%. We often uncover examples of an agency using different charge rates for different departments within the same company or a company using multiple agencies without agreed terms and conditions in place, other than those put forward by the agency. This can leave the client exposed to a variety of additional charges. Many employers feel agency fees are not proportionate to the work involved. This is where we can help. We review not only the typical recruitment costs but also; short-term contracts, the charges associated with offering a temporary staff a permanent position, penalty charges if the individual is deemed to be unsuitable, the additional fee incurred for extending temporary contracts and so on. We aim to deliver a much smoother process with greater visibility, greater accountability and significant savings.

Temporary Agency Staff

From deciding that agency staff are required to the commencement of work can be an administrative burden. When allied with the day to day management of tasking, work schedules management of hours worked, holiday pay, sick pay, clocking in, working time directive and rates of pay it can indeed be an irksome burden for a company. Our review encompasses all of the above and aims to deliver a sustainable easier working solution which is both robust and delivers significant savings for our clients.

Seeking better value is fine so long as the quality of staff meet the operational needs of the client. From candidate selection, pre-employment training, service level requirements and contracts, our role is to ensure the administration and management of agency staff is completed as smoothly and expediently as possible whilst saving money and ensuring the calibre of the candidates meets the client’s need. From a savings perspective, securing a better charge rate for services is a major factor but equally as important is the agency rate itself which is made up of several components which include; the basic rate of pay, holiday pay, employer’s national insurance, pension contribution and agency margin – these combined make the agency charge rate and we review each element. A recent review of highlighted an overcharge in ENIC and resulted in the agency reimbursing the client circa £173K. Engage us for a forensic review of your charges, your contract and SLA’s or to ease the administrative burden that often accompanies the use of agency staff. Glenn has dealt with a £7M spend on agency staff involving national sites and has achieved savings of in excess of 35% on other projects.

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