Glenn Cotter


Project specialist: Agency Staff

Glenn Cotter joined ERA in 2003, after 20 years within the aviation sector and 2 years in the automotive sector.

Glenn has delivered consistently for ERA’s clients both as a successful Business Development Manager and more so as a Project Specialist in Agency Staff.

Having worked within ERA on Agency Staff since 2003, Glenn has worked across most industry sectors and brings to bear an in depth understanding of agency staff to get the most appropriate solution for clients.

Glenn’s  value in working on behalf of clients comes from applying his expertise and market knowledge to ensure that agency labour is used in the most cost-effective manner to meet current and future business needs.

Glenn uncovers the micro detail associated with agency charges and feedbacks to the client in clear concise manner, so they fully understand what is going on.  Whilst achieving excellent value is a primary focus, he ensures the operational needs of the client remain of paramount importance.

With service levels and savings on equal par, Glenn can deliver optimum solutions to clients.  His ability to expertly specify requirements to the supply market , allows them in turn to respond with best value options for the client.   Additionally, he can advise businesses on their procedures and processes to minimise the workload the management of agency staff can sometimes bring.

Glenn can challenge all the costs associated with agency staff and as a consequence he has delivered many extraordinarily successful projects to the clients of ERA.