Ian Morrison

Project specialist: Facilities Management, MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) and Energy Conservation

Ian has been with ERA since 2004 and brings 30+ years’ experience, gained in blue chip multinational companies, dealing with Facilities Maintenance, Manufacturing and Distribution. Ian operated at board level with full P&L responsibilities.

Ian and his team specialise in creating and implementing bespoke practical supply chain solutions that deliver savings without compromising service. The team are fully conversant with OJEU processes, contract management, process improvement and compliance management.

Facilities Management

This covers all aspects of FM from Construction and Refurbishment to the General Maintenance and Space Management.

FM is a broad range of all operational aspects of a facility where sound experience and expertise are required to ensure our clients make the most of their spend whilst maintaining compliance and serviceability, and providing a safe environment for all occupants of a building is of paramount concern, therefore designing the right solution and service delivery model is where Ian excels.

Ian’s approach is to provide a bespoke solution based on the requirements of the client, this ‘Business Based Specification’ approach brings alignment of the client and the suppliers which will avoid unmet expectations and lower costs. As no two businesses or building are alike this is an important methodology to avoid contract creep and dissatisfaction.

Service and Contract Management are key components towards ongoing performance, Ian’s experience will assist client to better manage ongoing performance through well thought out software via custom dashboards enable clarity of onsite serviceability and to identify any issues there may be in the estate.


Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) of Manufacturing and Process plants covers a vast array of aspects from Services to Consumables & Materials, Mechanical Handling Equipment and Labour Utilisation.

Developing “best fit” solutions ensuring our clients have continuity of production and minimal downtime, whilst at the same time able to procure equipment and consumable products at the most competitive rates available. Furthermore, stores management when done well can save time and money whilst minimising downtime, done badly is always costly. By seeking the most effective way of getting materials and equipment where they are needed will reduce waste and costs. Our unique software solutions can often be deployed to assist in management of these key aspects.

Through Lean process improvements Ian is able to improve the OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness by an average of 10-15% which can make a considerable impact on lead times and costs.

Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building or organisation.

Ian provides practical, engineered solutions which are “green” and ensure they provide workable, measurable tangible results and a speedy ROI. A fully viability survey is undertaken to identify how and when energy is consumed, this often reveals unknown information which can be used identify where money and time should be spent to obtain the best result. By taking a holistic approach the all possible factors of energy consumption are identified.

Our process is initially focussed on the behaviours of people to minimise unnecessary waste and ensure the profile of energy consumed is in line with the business needs. This step frequently has zero cost but can provide significant savings.

The next stage is to look at the impact of deploying technical solutions such as high efficiency boilers or LED Lighting, each one is evaluated to understand their contribution to cost reductions. Generally, a menu of options is provided for the client to choose from and to clearly understand the returns available.

Next, sustainable energy sources are evaluated for their application and suitability. This is an area where longer term investment is required, Ian will work with the client to design a Business Case ensuring the projected returns are achievable.

And finally, recommendations will be made ensuring proper measurements are put into place to confirm the results are embedded into the business and the savings are achieved.