Jason Adderley

Jason Adderley

Client relationship manager

Jason is one of our most successful ERA consultants and it’s helped in no small part by his passion for, and commitment to the legal sector. Joining ERA after a fifteen year career in property, his extensive experience in property development, financing and strategy helped him develop relationships with a series of local and national law firms, leading to an interest and an understanding of a sector undergoing significant structural change.

Since joining ERA, Jason has helped law firms and chambers adapt to a highly competitive environment. His handpicked Team has progressively introduced new policies and processes with a sharp focus on improving service and supply outcomes whilst driving significant reduction in firms’ expenditure.

The legal sector has been traditionally viewed as highly profitable and almost recession proof. In reality the sector has been experiencing fundamental challenges emerging from the Legal Services Act & LASPO which have heralded a rash of new entrants to the market and substantial consolidation via merger and acquisition.

Firms are seeking to reduce existing operating costs and, ideally, to grow without taking on additional overheads. Jason’s Team is well placed to assist firms in achieving these aims through the progressive interrogation of the entire purchase ledger. Clients can expect major cost and service improvements across all areas of Office Services, Office Supplies, IT, Telecommunications and Finance.

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