John Trimble

John Trimble

Project specialist: Communications

John Trimble joined ERA in 2004 after previously working for KPMG and MBNA Europe Bank. He is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Information Systems Auditor and formerly a Fellow of the Institute of Internal Auditors with extensive experience in technology, business processes, risk and control, security, compliance, project management and supplier ‘control’.

John has an impressive record of delivering savings and using his exceptional attention to detail and expertise to help clients with their communications needs going beyond just achieving best value. He uses his analytical, investigative and project management skills to obtain the best prices, solutions and service whilst minimising any risk of change and/or technical issues/problems.

John’s approach includes:

Understanding requirements including technical, business, financial and operational. Agreeing a plan considering any opportunities & challenges to maximise business benefits through use of technology and re-investment of savings

Management of existing contracts/terms and advising on ‘cost avoidance” and helping clients plan around any pitfalls which may await if a review is left until closer to contract expiry. Many contracts are complex and often not fully understood which can lead to ‘shocks’

Considering future contract terms and any impacts and/or risks and bespoking these where necessary to mitigate these. His philosophy is that you should stay with a supplier because you are happy with their prices and service rather than because you are ‘locked in’

Additionally, John provides consultancy and has added value to clients by covering areas which may be difficult, often overlooked or which are often on the ‘to do’ list, such as:

  • Reviewed and/or developed internal policy/procedures for communications
  • Reviewed appropriate solutions for Mobile data security and management
  • Advised on Data Protection
  • Produced analytical reports of usage including pattern detection to highlight misuse
  • Mobile signal coverage and improvement
  • Impact of using internally developed mobile ‘Apps’
  • Impact of office moves, acquisitions and management buy-outs
  • Resolving issues with suppliers, some of which have existed for many years
  • Business Resumption Planning

Specialist Areas:

  • IP Telephony
  • Landline Communications, including managing the end of ISDN’
  • Mobile Communications
  • Data Communications
  • Communications’ Consultancy
  • Business Resumption Planning
  • Governance, Risk, Compliance, Control & Business Processes

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