John Trimble

John Trimble

Project specialist: Communications

Chartered Accountant/IT Auditor & Consultant with KPMG and extensive experience in business processes, risk and control, security, compliance and supplier ‘control’.

Now in his 12th year with ERA, John has an impressive record of delivering savings and using his expertise to help clients with their communications needs. His background enables him to use his analytical, negotiating, project management skills to obtain the best prices, solution and service whilst minimising any risk of change and/or technical issues/problems.

John’s approach includes:

  • Forecasting likely savings in advance of any formal reports being produced using predictive mechanisms he has developed. This minimises a clients’ involvement and guarantees that savings will be made once recommendations have been produced
  • Performing billing re-calculations to verify accuracy and obtain/confirm any credits where billing errors have occurred. It is not unusual to find overcharging due to incorrect rates being billed but this is almost impossible for users to identify themselves, particularly with mobile billing which can be complicated. Some billing errors identified, have existed for years.
  • Considering important areas often overlooked when choosing a supplier and rarely discussed by sales people, such as contract terms, line provider risks and call carrier risks. John has developed key contract terms which are more advantageous to ERA clients which we ask suppliers to incorporate into all your contracts. This is based on the philosophy that you should stay with a supplier because you are happy about their prices and service rather than because you are unable to move without incurring a penalty
  • Advising on ‘cost avoidance” and helping clients plan around any pitfalls (where clients are in contracts) which may await if a review is left until closer to contract expiry. This is particularly applicable to mobile phone contracts and BT contracts where the complexity can mean they are not fully understood.

Additionally, John has added value to clients by covering areas often overlooked or which are often on the ‘to do’ list, such as:

  • Reviewed appropriate solutions for Mobile data security for several clients
  • Advised on Data Protection Act compliance e.g., relating to Mobile data for several clients
  • Produced Analytical reports of usage including pattern detection to highlight misuse or breach of internal rules/procedures
    • Policy/Procedure development/review is a common task undertaken for clients
  • Mobile signal coverage and improvement at key locations
  • Impact of using internally developed mobile ‘Apps’
  • Impact of office moves, re-locations, re-organisations, acquisitions and management buy-outs on communications costs
  • Resolving issues with BT, where John has the tenacity and knowledge to deliver, where others may have given up
  • Business Resumption Planning (e.g., has written a workarea recovery plan for a client to meet insurance requirements)

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