Manoj Pabari

Manoj Pabari

Project specialist: Chemicals, Gases, Laboratory

Manoj is an expert in the purchasing and procurement of chemicals and gases.

Prior to joining ERA in 2002, Manoj spent around ten years working within a scientific research environment as both a purchaser and end user of these products. He therefore has the authority and the insight to quickly get to grips with client requirements and understand the issues within the field.

Manoj is passionate about reducing clients’ costs with no loss of service or quality, and believes that a close working relationship with client stakeholders is essential to fully understand their needs and thus facilitate the desired outcome. He takes a thorough and robust approach to the project, connecting with all stakeholders to ensure that needs are fully understood and documented, in order to engage all project members.

Manoj’s effective communication and leadership skills have been widely utilised in the management of clients across a range of industries and sectors, from Education and leisure to manufacturing. His other particular strengths include sound analytical and negotiation skills and ensuring that any project is managed both proactively and effectively.

His credibility is gained from having crucial first-hand experience of suppliers, products and end-user needs, together with more than twenty total years’ experience in his area of expertise.

Manoj has been with ERA since 2002, and has reviewed spend and achieved savings for many clients in a wide range of sectors. His process begins by analysing clients’ current usage and spend data, as well as looking at the current buying methods. He then uses his experience and market knowledge to not only achieve best pricing and service levels, but increase efficiencies within the process.

Manoj pays great attention to detail and it is this combination of applied focus and market knowledge that makes his projects so successful. Recent projects have achieved significant average savings in the following categories:

  • Cylinder Gases – 20%
  • Liquefied Gases – 33%
  • Refrigerant Gases – 12%
  • Raw Chemicals – 21%

There are three main areas in which he can generate savings:

1. Audit – Making sure that the best available prices and service levels are implemented
2. Management – Monitoring consumption whilst managing and maintaining the supply network
3. Efficiency – Identifying and correcting abnormal purchasing methods to optimise efficiencies without negative impact to your business

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