Nigel Rosehill

Nigel Rosehill

Project specialist: Communications

“Nigel knows more about the Telecoms category of expenditure than anyone I have ever met. He reduced our £100,000 spend to about £40,000 and got us better service into the bargain. It is great to be able to tap into that level of expertise.”
Ian Roostan, Head of Finance, Rapier Employment

Nigel Rosehill is one of ERA’s longest serving consultants with 20 years experience in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Nigel quickly and effectively applied his prior City of London financial background by successfully completing over 300 projects, building up significant knowledge of how to tackle complex and challenging procurement assignments within the Communications area of expenditure, in which he specialises.

He takes an extremely practical approach as he knows that ensuring stakeholder and supplier buy-in works in all aspects of the project is key to success beyond any other factor.

Nigel approaches each project with a forensic eye to detail and in particular the customer needs and requirements are arrived at using a tested methodology.

By developing a Communications Roadmap for each client, key opportunities & challenges are identified early and work is structured to deliver solutions that position clients advantageously within their marketplace, part or substantially financed by funds that have been created through early cost reduction initiatives within the project.

Nigel’s self-funding process, resourcing and expertise thus places clients at an optimum level for their communications solutions.

Nigel’s view on the importance of Communications solutions to every business:

  • Adopters of an effective Communications strategy and solutions will gain a competitive edge over peers.
  • Communications are strategic and crucial to every organisation in developing its own business, no matter what vertical sector it operates within.
  • They should be viewed as an investment in business development.
  • Effective communication at all levels, with customers, staff and supply chain, will bring with it enhanced levels of trade and improved efficiencies.

Examples of percentage reductions:

  • Structural Engineers – 47%
  • Housing Association – 49%
  • Facilities Management Co. – 40%
  • Not for Profit – 43%
  • Wealth Management Co. – 45%
  • National Retailer – 50%

Examples of consultancy projects:

Solicitors: Move to Business grade VoIP
Structural Engineers: On premise and cloud telephony options; integration to Skype for Business and Microsoft options
Facilities Management Company: Full cloud based telephony and call centre solution; IT move to cloud, new robust data connectivity

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