Paul Giness

Paul Giness

Client relationship manager, Project specialist: Property

Paul has worked in the area of business rates reductions for over 20 years and has seen significant change, particularly in recent years. More recently, he has been liaising with companies on bespoke rates matters aswell, surrounding the plethora of reliefs and exemptions that have appeared.

Paul and his team offer a full spectrum of rating services, including compiled appeals against rateable values, material changes, audit and compliance, together with empty rates strategic advice. They are also currently liaising with clients in relation to the 2017 rating revaluation and providing guidance when required.

The team also has specialist experience of working with educational establishments and leisure operators, including restaurants and hotels. Paul’s previous experience was with a leading national rating practice and this gave him the best grounding possible.

Examples of savings include a £700k saving reported on two family owned hotels. They also advised a large corporation on a specialist rates audit service, which due to non-compliance of procedures by the local authority, resulted in a £300k refund to the client.

They have also diversified into areas of Corporate property advice including helping companies with relocations and acquisitions of new accommodation. His team offer advice to help organisations align their property occupations to their business strategy to allow them to focus properly on their future goals.

Examples of percentage reductions:

  • London College – 71%
  • Public House – 31%
  • District Council Leisure Centre – 45%
  • Rugby Club – 29%
  • Independent School – 42%
  • NHS Trust Hospital – 26%