Paul Gravatt

paul gravatt

Client Relationship Manager and Project Specialist: Research & Development Tax Credits

Paul is an experienced entrepreneur, consultant and advisor to the SME sector, leveraging 30 years of experience that started in the commercial Insurance industry but has since extended across multiple sectors.

Paul is ERA’s UK Research & Development Tax Credit specialist – bringing a new source of expertise and income to the network.
The Government’s Research & Development tax relief incentive allows companies to claim additional tax savings on the research costs they incur – but it is not all about lab coats and microscopes!

HMRC created the legislation as an incentive to encourage limited companies that are developing new products and processes – or appreciably improving existing products, processes, systems and materials – thereby increasing the country’s capacity for wealth and creation.

Incredibly, many companies are not claiming the “free money” they are entitled to and those that are, generally rely on accountants (including the “big 4”) who fail to understand and therefore maximise what can be claimed.

As specialists in retrospective and current year R&D reporting our industry experts’ sole purpose is to create and file your client’s claim as proficiently as possible.

As a results orientated and straight-talking guy, Paul will also introduce his network of clients to the virtues of ERA and looks forward to utilising the skills to be found across the ERA global network.

Oh…and if you ask nicely, he may even put 30 years of insurance and risk management experience to work to help your clients mitigate their overall cost of insurance and risk management.