Steve Letley

Steve Letley

Project specialist: Utilities

Having spent a number of years involved with the electricity and gas industry, Steve uses his expertise and contacts to specialise in the field of Utilities (electricity and gas).

This is becoming an increasingly complicated area, with suppliers changing how they charge and with new levies increasingly becoming part of supply contracts. Steve is able to bring his experience to clients not only to ensure they are procuring energy at the correct time but also to make sure that they fully understand any agreement they enter into. He procures energy for clients on a daily basis so is always up to date with events occurring in a volatile market.

For many clients, time savings can be almost as important as savings in cost. For clients with various sites and meter points, Steve can offer tailored solutions to enable the client to simplify their Utilities portfolio by combining contract end dates, suppliers and even invoices. He also deals with supplier and invoicing errors which are commonplace in the Industry.

Whilst a main part of his role relates to energy procurement, this is only part of the picture and Steve works proactively to assist companies with all aspects of managing their energy supply arrangements. For instance, he has experience in green energy solutions, Half Hourly meters, available capacity reviews, Feed in Tariff and metering problems. Whatever the situation, Steve aims to offer a bespoke service providing solutions to a client’s electricity and gas supply problems.

Case Studies

Group of 12 Nursing Homes

Achieved savings of over 50% on a number of large gas meters. In addition I have worked with the client for over 4 years to bring all electricity and gas meters to a consolidated end date with a single supplier.

Port Authority

Savings of over 25% achieved on a number of large Half Hourly electricity meters. A consultant was already involved when I started working with the client. Aside from achieving savings the client is delighted as they now have full visibility of electricity costs and a portfolio of meters with a single supplier and contract end date.

Group of Dental Practises

Client runs approximately 20 dental practises and at the commencement of our engagement each practise had different electricity and gas suppliers and contract end dates. Their focus was to bring all meters to a consolidated end date with a single supplier and group billing. This was achieved providing cost savings of over 20% together with substantial time savings for the clients finance team.