Dr Sue Cooke

Dr Sue Cooke

Project specialist: Janitorial supplies, Laundry, Office supplies, Workwear & PPE

Sue is a highly experienced ERA consultant having been with ERA for almost 15 years. During that time she has helped many companies streamline their office supplies costs, improve purchasing efficiencies and ensure that contractually they are well protected from avoidable supplier cost hikes and product price creep.

Before joining ERA, Sue worked as a Product Manager for a Life Sciences supplier. Her experience in working with commercial and operational teams as part of that role means that she is used to delivering concise, clear analysis in a meaningful, easy to follow manner. Sue is also a keen advocate of supplier management and the benefits that building good relationships can bring to our clients. Within ERA, Sue now applies her specialist skills and marketplace knowledge of the supply chain to deliver significant savings for clients.

Reviewing Consumables Expenditure

Through leveraging the scale of spend currently under review across our entire client base, we can secure the most competitive rates available to add incremental savings for our clients. As part of this process Sue will construct a comprehensive, client focused assessment of the current situation and requirements, looking at how we can improve and identify the best way of optimising expenditure. This, together with qualitative information gathered through a relationship with the main stakeholders, will ensure that the most competitive and appropriate supply partners are identified.

In working with Sue, our clients are able to make fully informed decisions about their choice of suppliers and the direction in which they wish to proceed. Where multiple sites are involved, often with different contract terms and termination notices, Sue will manage the staged implementation process in its entirety, liaising with suppliers (both incumbent and new), the site itself and our client sponsors to ensure all are kept fully briefed.

Once implemented, Sue will continuously monitor and report on supplier performance, identify any issues that may have arisen and ensure those are resolved. In addition Sue will track the expenditure to ensure that the pricing and service commitments promised are actually delivered and maintained for our clients.

Recent successes:

Fashion retailer – 35%

35% saving across 100+ locations where purchasing control was important.

Aviation industry client – 37%

37% saving, included product rationalisation, changing order methodologies and introducing purchasing controls.

Food wholesaler – 25%

25% saving across multiple product areas, including client bespoke items.

Charity sector – 39%

39% savings with supplier consolidation implemented.

Consultancy practice – 38%

38% saving, where selecting the right supplier fit was important to our client.

Charity sector – 34%

34% savings, implemented purchasing controls and policies across multiple sites, together with product and supplier consolidation.