Tahsin Yasin

Tahsin Yasin

In my previous history I have pursued an International career in healthcare over the past thirty-five years across public, private and military sectors. I started my career as a trauma surgeon, a decorated war veteran of the first Gulf War and bring an unbroken track record of blue-chip business success in over 14 countries across 4 continents.

I retired from MNC service in 2019 as CEO of a $300m/1200ppcompany and have now launched my own business incorporating my partnership with ERA.

My specialty scope is broad and encompasses start-up operations, discovery research alliances, JV management and full P&L general management. The spectrum includes my research contribution to the eventual registration in 2018 of the first global Vivax malaria drug. Whilst my interest in ERA was probably sparked by my immersion as a co-sponsor of a €200m, 3year cost elimination program in Russia in 2017-2019.

I am passionate about delivering long-term commercial and social benefits to the communities and clients whom I serve. My business roles have been mission-centric and I’m passionate about the creation of sustainable, profitable market-leading companies in all the ventures I undertake.

As an experienced MD/CEO I am always looking for ways to improve my P&L in order to provide the fuel for growth for the businesses that I serve. I look at challenges holistically and am determined to deliver execution excellence.