Vaishalli Patel

I am a CIMA qualified accountant and started my professional career with Nokia and then moved onto satellite communication with Hughes Network Systems. I have over 15 years experience as a business owner and manager.

Within my diverse experience, my roles focused on a wide range of activities such as:

• Reviewing and analysing potential new physical sites. Ensuring the feasibility of the site by conducting surveys of the areas around the store to understand on what sort of turnover would be achieved.
• New Site Setup – Securing finance if required. Reviewing, recruiting and liaising with contractors to ensure that the site is built accordingly to the company and Subways requirements. Project managed the build to ensure that the store is opened and making money as quickly as possible.
• Cost v Benefit tasks for all fixed costs. Reviewing the market of what was available so that I obtained the best deal that was available. This sometimes resulted in not going with the brand’s recommended suppliers.
• The preparation of the quarterly VAT returns. Ensuring the accuracy and validity of the information submitted to the VAT office. Have also had experience with dealing with VAT Assessments and ensuring that all information was readily available for the VAT officers.
• Continuously evolving the operations process to obtain the best working environment.
• Introducing new application to improve the information that was delivered to calculate payroll and the weekly store performance statements. Such as a cloud base accounting system and an automated inventory system which approved the accuracy of the stock valuation
• Implementation of a manageable HR policy to improve, recruitment, staff performances and any grievances procedures. Preparing the monthly Payroll information so that all the staff got paid on time. Ensuring that the correct processes were implemented and reviewed so that the company was always in compliance with Government Standards
• Preparation and implementation of the Annual Local Marketing calendar. Discussing and getting input from the manager on what offers would be promoted at what time of the year. Analysing the promotion and measuring the success of the campaign once the marketing promotion had finished

Operating your own business helps you understand and control the ever-increasing costs, so that the optimum margin could be achieved. As a small business I have successfully navigated the operations of the store through, VAT disclosure changes, the down-turn in the high street and increasing staff expenditure. This was achieved mainly because of my financial background.

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