Franchisee Stories


Our Best Advocates are our Franchisees

Many of our franchisees have a background in sales and marketing and thrive on winning new business or developing existing client relationships. Others have built successful businesses leveraging their deep understanding of a particular industry segment and an ability to create excellent working relationships by delivering on projects initiated by other franchisees.

“What I’ve realised since joining ERA is that I’ve got all the freedom I want. If I want to drop the kids of at school, I can do. If I want to be home early, I can be.” Craig Warhurst - UK play-icon WATCH VIDEO
“I work harder now than I ever have in my whole life, but I’m the person who gets the rewards from that!” Keith Copestake - UK play-icon WATCH VIDEO
“I could never go back to being employed now that I’ve worked in ERA and I can honestly say hand on heart ERA was the right choice for me.” Tracy Follows - UK play-icon WATCH VIDEO
“My earnings with ERA have been pretty consistent in the 6 figures, for every year that I have been trading so far.” Jason Adderley - UK play-icon WATCH VIDEO
“It’s been a blast! The ERA staff are fantastic and also the camaraderie you get from your fellow associates is very, very good.” Ian Arundell - UK play-icon WATCH VIDEO
“We wanted to do something together and it gave us the opportunity to do different things, but together.” Nick Clement & Zoe Willis - UK play-icon WATCH VIDEO
“The earning potential for someone who wants to put their heart and sole into it, is actually really quite high.” Andy Beer - UK play-icon WATCH VIDEO
“My earning potential has now, exceeded where I expected it to be when I joined the organisation!” Alastair Baker - UK play-icon WATCH VIDEO
“I’ve got my home-life back and I’ve got a career that I can manage from home and it’s very exciting!” Stuart Hallam - UK play-icon WATCH VIDEO
“The earning potential is absolutely there, whether we’re in bad economic circumstances or good, people want to save money.” Chris Wardle - UK play-icon WATCH VIDEO
“I basically came into ERA with no sales experience, very few contacts and no category expertise and I’ve made a success of it” Keith McGregor - UK play-icon WATCH VIDEO
“It gives you that greater scope, to have a lifestyle of your choice.” Sean Bingham - UK play-icon WATCH VIDEO

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