Hope for Hospitality

Hope for Hospitality

Three ways it can thrive in 2022

The far-reaching effect of the pandemic had a devastating impact on the economic growth of the hospitality and leisure sectors.

The media illustrated that fact with photographs of empty restaurants, stories of sports matches played behind closed doors, and quotes from members of staff who were laid off or placed on government-supported furlough.

In 2020, the UK education sector saw 23 redundancies per 100,000 people. The hospitality and leisure sectors counted six times as many.

When the world opened up again, establishments continued to struggle against a diminished tourism trade and a shortage of workers who did not return following their dismissal.

EU tourism dropped by 61% during the pandemic.

Like many other sectors at the start of the pandemic, decision-makers in hospitality and leisure prioritised survival.

Survival at all costs

They steered their attention away from strategic planning and innovation towards resilience and recovery.

Today, with restaurants and hotels seeing greater footfall once more, stadiums welcoming fans back and staff providing a warm welcome to their patrons, that mindset can return to long-term planning for the years to come.

With that in mind, we’re serving up three ways that the hospitality and leisure sectors can thrive in 2022.

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"The far-reaching effect of the pandemic had a devastating impact on the economic growth of the hospitality and leisure sectors."

Digitalisation and Technology

Hospitality & leisure companies are facing an array of challenges, including rising energy prices, supply cost uncertainty, labour shortages and short-term travel restrictions. Despite this, companies in this industry are increasingly better prepared to do more digitally.

As digital trends emerge, it can be hard to stand out from the competition. Digital marketing can help you do just that.

Supply Chains

Food sector suppliers are facing growing pressure as labour shortages increase, damaging several sub-sectors such as fruit pickers, waiting staff and HGV drivers.

If fruit remains unpicked and what is picked spoils because there aren’t enough drivers to transport it, prices increase dramatically.

As hospitality and leisure industries regroup, businesses must adapt to provide the best possible service to their customers.


There are many sobering statistics that highlight the climate emergency. Things need to change, and the hospitality and leisure industries have a part to play.

Organisations can help by focusing on delivering well-formed, practical steps to demonstrate they are ahead of the game when it comes to sustainability.

These steps can provide significant opportunities to deliver on sustainability and reduce costs at the same time.

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