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Despite the coronavirus epidemic that has swept the globe, causing widespread disruption across markets worldwide, there is still the potential for continued growth and positive returns in the Private Equity (PE) industry, both in the UK and on the global stage.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, a stagnation in public market offerings has coincided with a significant rise in private equity investments, offering better returns and capitalising on the new trend for companies to stay private for longer periods of their lifecycle.

Private Equity Marketplace Challenges & Opportunities

Although confidence is steadily growing within the private equity sector, challenges remain in fundraising, deal activity and the exit market. Amongst a backdrop of fierce competition and regulatory pressure, private equity companies must work smarter to add value through all stages of the PE lifecycle.

In todays’ highly competitive market, identifying and qualifying deal opportunities, as well as understanding preacquisition risk, is key to driving value on deal completion and under ownership.

Download the full white paper today and discover the opportunities available within the Private Equity industry. In particular our white paper explores the impact cost savings can have on financial flexibility, as most cost reduction programs do not fail because of a lack of opportunities or the absence of a vision for transformation, but because of insufficient resources and poor implementation.

Download the full white paper today

Cost reduction and overhead management is an increasingly important component of improving profitability and increasing cashflow to maximise EBITDA and exit values, but the delivery of savings cannot come at the expense of the customer experience or regulatory compliance. This presents a significant barrier to delivery for many organisations. Download our full white paper today and explore detailed actions you can take to maximise the financial opportunities available to your business and discover how our Private Equity team can work with you to review supply-chain integrity, contractual liabilities and the indirect cost base during buy-side and sell-side due diligence.

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"To achieve a competitive and sustainable cost base, firms must find the right mix of tactical cost reduction solutions to drive short-term gains and more strategic initiatives to realise the transformational cost reductions. "

Learning more about Expense Reduction Analysts can help you to understand exactly how we can deliver value to your business. It starts with a conversation, so contact us today and we can provide you with additional information and clarity to help you make an informed decision.

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