ERA Risk Mitigation Solutions for Bank Remedial Units

Why is it timely for Banks to promote Cost
Optimization to their Corporate clients?

Banks are becoming more and more active in their communities by supporting startup initiatives, and supporting their SME and large corporate clients in their domestic and international markets.

Moreover, banks are more and more expected to direct their corporate lending to enable the new green economy, by funding corporate investments that generating sustainable savings and cost optimization.

By promoting initiatives in cost optimization to their corporate lending customers particularly to corporates flagged as performing “below potential”, banks show they are actually part of the solution. These initiatives that promote cost optimization programs allow corporates to improve manufacturing processes, build a more sustainable cost base and become more competitive. By doing so, banks mitigate risk. They improve the quality of their corporate loan books reducing loan loss provisions and credit losses; a win-win situation for both their corporate clients and the banks themselves.

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To achieve a competitive and sustainable cost base, firms must find the right mix of tactical cost reduction solutions to drive short-term gains and more strategic initiatives to realise the transformational cost reductions.

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