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  • Car Dealers Under Pressure
  • Why a Straight Contract Renewal could Cost your School Thousands of Pounds
  • Why Business Consumers of IT must Act Now to Protect their Budgets
  • Currency Fluctuations and International Payment Costs present a Risk to Business
  • Plastic Price Rises

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Why a straight contract renewal could cost your school thousands of pounds

Over the past 2 years it has been particularly easy to blame the state of the economy or just business change on Brexit. However, there are any other number of factors putting pressure on businesses and this is no different for independent schools. The latter in particular have seen their budgets impacted by things such as pupil retention to regulatory requirements to increased pension funding.

Ensuring budgets are set realistically and are achievable particularly with the new school year approaching has never been more important. Based on pupil numbers for the year and therefore known fee levels, schools have a ‘ballpark’ figure to work on for the year. But what other options are there for schools to generate additional revenue?

Discover more about how you can make your contracts and renewals work for your school, giving you more financial flexibility. Download our full Market Intelligence today.

Author: Stuart Hallam

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Why Business Consumers of IT must act now to protect their budgets

There has been a lot of talk, media obsession and editorial about Brexit over the last few years. For much of that time it was a just speck in the distance that was getting closer, but didn’t seem to be a problem because everybody thought common sense would prevail and all parties would emerge with some miraculous compromise that would make everybody happy – or at least mutually unhappy in a small way.

Now that speck in the distance is looming larger by the day – in fact we have only 93 days left at the date of writing before we must exit, barring revocation, delay or an improbable deal in a short space of time. Over this time there has been much doom and gloom, speculation and concern. However, some industries and areas of spend are more susceptible than others to Brexit and its effects and we need to consider the facts rather than the speculation.

Download our full Market Intelligence today to explore the core issues impacting IT budgets, particularly in terms of Brexit and what you need to do to protect the future success of your business.

Author: Simon Atkinson

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Currency fluctuations and international payment costs present a risk to business

From overseas suppliers to international markets, if your business has connections abroad then it will be exposed to the risk of currency fluctuations. The value of the pound has been particularly volatile of late due to the uncertainty around the outcome of Brexit and other circumstances including the US-China trade war.

For example, in the first three months of the year, the GBP/euro rate fluctuated between 1.11 (1st January) and 1.17 (12th March). From peak to trough that marks a difference of around 5%. This could be either positive or negative for a business depending on the location and volume of both imports, exports and salary costs in the UK and Europe. Either way, it means that British businesses cannot be certain of their costs or revenue if it is linked to the value of the pound.

Download our full Market Intelligence today and explore how these currency fluctuations are impacting your business and actions you can take to minimise the impact.

Author: Harvinder Rattan

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Car Dealers Under Pressure

Already for quite a few years, car dealers have felt the strain of increasing competition. Most of them do not make money on the sales of new cars. Their source of income is the service and repair they provide to their customers. And especially these business activities are under pressure in the near future as the car market is changing rapidly into a mobility market.

Currently we see several radical developments occurring at the same time that revolutionise the car market. Each development on its own would already have impacted the market heavily, but combined they are really changing the playing field.

Download the latest Market Intelligence which explores what’s happening in the car market, what is driving change now and what this means for the future of car retailers.

Author: Henk Postmus

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