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  • Vulnerabilities in the Legal Sector
  • Waste Management and the Environment in 2020

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Innovation in Financial Services

The Financial Services landscape is fundamentally changing. Progressive organisations are needing to shift to accommodate the opportunities and challenges created by new technologies and evolving customer needs. Technology has become and will remain an integral part of Financial Services delivery, and financial institutions are increasingly becoming technology firms.

Financial Services is currently experiencing a period of great momentum toward modernisation; there has been no other time quite like this in the sector. The industry is at the confluence of major technology advances, ever increasing customer expectations, stiff competition and massively complex regulatory precedence.

Developing strong partnerships with the supply chain is a positive step that will open opportunities for greater growth and transformation in the future. There are significant opportunities for Financial Services organisations to embrace emerging technology in the drive towards reducing operational costs and improving efficiency.

Download the full Market Intelligence today to explore the top ways you can gain a competitive advantage from developments in Financial Services.

Author: Richard Placito

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financial services innovations

Despite a freeze in duty, fuel prices will still increase in 2020

Following the results of the 2019 UK General Election the pound rose against the USD chipping away at the underlying cost of UK transport fuels. However, reality is that the underlying cost of fuel will increase from January 1st 2020 due to three reasons, all of which benefit the treasury.

Reinforcing, once again, that it is still important for fleet managers to be reviewing fuel costs to mitigate the impact.

Download the full Market Intelligence today and discover which key legislations will result in increased fuel prices for you and your business, along with the top methods for protecting yourself from these rising costs.

Author: Duncan Rogers

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rising fuel costs

Legal Eagles Fly Into Headwinds

The findings of Law Society’s Strategic Workforce Planning reports are that by 2027 employment in the legal services sector is projected to fall by 13,000 (4 per cent).

In an increasingly deregulated environment, with downward pressure on fees and the rapid adoption of technology we consider that figure to be the tip of the iceberg.

Legal services are exceptionally vulnerable to the rise of artificial intelligence and the rapid development of fintech. Although some of the larger UK firms are embracing AI, major disruption to the market is threatened by US legal giants, the big 4 accountants and tech startups.

Our latest Market Intelligence examines the crucial challenges facing the legal sector including the shortfall in recruitment which is likely to have a significant impact in the medium term. Download Market Intelligence and begin reading today.

Author: Jason Adderley

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declining legal sector employment

The 2020 Outlook – Waste and the Environment

A new year is upon us, there is some immediate market news to digest and potentially act on, and some further policy changes coming in during 2020. Read our waste consultant’s latest article on how to future proof your business in this time of environmental focus.

We have a new Government in this new age of ecological attention. Boris Johnson’s Government has already outlined that it will be bringing forward an Environment Bill in the latest Queens Speech. The Environment Bill 2020 will be the first environment bill in 20 years. It has already been described as a ‘Landmark bill’ by the Chartered Institution of Waste Management.

If your business isn’t thinking about its environmental impact from packaging and products that it makes, uses or sells – then it should be as these changes will very likely affect your business. Download the latest Market Intelligence today which examines in detail the key environmental factors impacting businesses today and how you can protect the future success of your business and the environment.

Author: Dan Howells

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