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It Starts with a Conversation

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease and with confidence returning to business, our latest edition of Market Intelligence brings you the biggest challenges being faced in industry, with detailed insights and actions from our global network of specialists on how you can protect your future success.

Taking a slightly different approach to the usual format, we decided to engage in more conversational dialogue with our industry specialists, giving them more opportunity to share the most important insights and details, whilst discussing the crucial challenges facing business leaders.

In this issue, you’ll find conversations about a wide range of topics including:

  • Waste
  • Fuel
  • New EU VAT Rules
  • The Important of Bad Debt Protection

These are just a few examples of the insightful discussions you’ll find inside Issue 21.2 of Market Intelligence.

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Download Marketing Intelligence 21.2

Our latest edition is home to a wide range of detailed discussions which explore some of the most crucial challenges facing business leaders today. Download the publication today.

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Below you can find more information of the topics being discussed in this issue of Market Intelligence.

A Conversation about Fuel

The recent pandemic has shaken the fuel industry more than most, with prices falling, rising and rising again at incredible rates. However, these changes have presented new opportunities to ensure you’re getting a good deal on your fuel.

To understand the bigger picture, we caught up with industry specialist Duncan Rogers of our Fuel Team. With years of experience in fuel and logistics, he’s well placed to analyse recent developments and provide savings for businesses.

A Conversation about Waste

Waste is an area of business that was perennially undervalued a few years ago. However, growing demands for sustainability coupled with approaching national and international environmental targets have put the topic firmly in the spotlight.

Many businesses are unaware that the pandemic has created new opportunities for capital growth through good waste management. We spoke to Dan Howells, Chartered Waste Manager and Waste Management Consultant here at ERA, about the areas showing potential for organisations.

A Conversation about Payments

The world of payments is constantly evolving, pulled by growing consumer demand online and pushed by increasingly intelligent cyber threats. As a result, the demands placed on businesses are constantly changing.

So how do you ensure your business is getting a good deal on their payments? We spoke with Banking & Payment specialists Paul Davidson, Paul Lucraft and Steve Whitlam about some of the big talking points in the sector right now.

A Conversation about Packaging

Packaging is a crucial part of the supply chain for so many businesses. An increasingly fragile materials market, combined with growing demands for sustainability, presents many opportunities for agile companies to get ahead of the curve.

We’ve caught up with some of our packaging specialists to discuss the changing prices of packaging materials and how your business can take positive steps for both the environment and your bottom line.

A Conversation about New EU VAT Rules

Since Brexit, UK companies have had to deal with a mountain of new procedures and bureaucracy. Now, with more changes in the pipeline, it’s more important than ever to ensure efficient processes are in place.

With new EU VAT rules to consider, also, we spoke with international distribution specialist Rikesh Nichani to see what impact the changes could have on UK businesses trading with EU consumers.

The Importance of Bad Debt Protection for UK Businesses

With macro-economic issues like the fallout of COVID-19 and Brexit to contend with, many UK businesses must do all they can to ensure they are financially protected.

Having a good understanding of bad debt protection and how it could benefit your business is vital. Even thriving businesses can fall prey to a downward spiral caused by just a couple of unpaid invoices.

Combining bad debt protection with other financial strategies like effective expense management is one of the best things you can do to ensure your business has the resources to flourish.

Comparing Payment Terms Spend Across Categories with TermsCheck

Payables is often the last component to be addressed when looking for improvements in working capital performance.

Many will complain that they do not have the market power to dictate supplier terms and, therefore, there is no point in taking any major actions. We would disagree with that statement since we have vast experience in identifying and realising many opportunities that were right under everyone’s noses.

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