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Facing the fallout of a global pandemic against the backdrop of war in Europe, what does the rest of 2022 have in store for your business?

What’s Inside:

  • Distribution in 2022
    By James Dawson and Charles Reid
  • WARNING: Inflation Triple Whammy Coming Your Way
    By Jason Adderley
  • The International Freight Market
    By Alan Birse
  • Inflation and Basel III: A Perfect Storm?
    By Harvinder Rattan
  • Will the Circular Supply Chain Revolutionise Procurement?
    By Mike Sargent
  • Payment Evolution: From 3DSV1 and 3DSV2 to Online Banking
    By ERA Payments Team
  • Cracking Efficiency: The Affordable Way Forward for Retail in 2022
    By Alex Venner
  • Waste Management: Partnership is the Key to Environmental Improvement
    By Dan Howells

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Download Market Intelligence 22.2

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