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As we say a fatigued farewell to 2022, businesses are looking ahead at a new year defined by a recession. Indeed, economists predict that of the EU’s 19 member states, more than half will enter a period of sustained downturn in 2023, caused by the after-effects of Covid-19 and the continued conflict in Ukraine.

In this document, we hope to provide several pertinent, on-the-pulse insights from our experienced UK specialists.

If nothing else, they may be a welcome distraction from the recession-filled headlines.

What’s Inside:

  • Risk and Insurance – An Ever-Changing Landscape
    By Paul Gravatt
  • Research & Development Tax Credits – HMRC Outlook Post-Autumn Statement
    By Paul Gravatt
  • Costs are Rising. We are in a recession. Are Consultants the Answer?
    By James Rimmer
  • The Crystal Ball is Broken
    By Iain Clements and Richard Anson
  • How can Innovative Payment Solutions Reduce Risk and Costs?
    By Paul Davidson, Stephen Whitlam and Paul Lucraft
  • Where Next for Fuel Prices?
    By Duncan Rogers
  • The Post-Covid Ripple that’s Turning into a Tusnami
    By Barry Donovan

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Download Market Intelligence 22.4

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