Procurement as a Lever for Sustainable Change

Sustainability has become a buzzword in recent years, and for good reason.

The concept of sustainability refers to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In other words, it is about finding a way to live within our means and preserve the planet’s resources for future generations.

Sustainability is essential because the Earth’s resources are finite, and we are currently using them at an unsustainable rate.

One way that businesses can contribute to sustainability is through sustainable procurement.

Sustainable procurement refers to the process of purchasing goods and services in a way that maximizes economic, social, and environmental benefits while minimizing negative impacts.

Sustainable procurement is crucial because it can help reduce the negative impact of business operations on the environment, promote social responsibility, and improve the economic bottom line.

By choosing sustainable products and suppliers, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, conserve resources, and support ethical business practices.

This can lead to cost savings, increased customer loyalty, and enhanced brand reputation.

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Sustainability and sustainable procurement are essential for the long-term health of the planet and society. By adopting sustainable practices, businesses can reduce their impact on the environment, promote social responsibility, and improve their economic bottom line. Read our latest insights today.

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"Businesses – particularly global enterprises – produce almost everything we manufacture, use, and dispose of; they touch just about every community and every person on the planet. As a result, much of the responsibility for averting what awaits us sits with these organisations, but so too does most of the room for positive change and concrete improvement."

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