Top 10 Insurance Industry Issues

Top Insurance Industry Issues in 2021

Start Taking Action Towards Critical Insurance Issues

The COVID-19 emergency has had strong impacts in terms of regulatory interventions in support of the insurance sector and companies today are facing important changes in terms of financial information, products and operations. The macroeconomic situation due to the COVID-19 emergency continues to not favor the profitability of insurance and reinsurance companies.

In the near future, important challenges are emerging for insurance companies in terms of asset allocation and management of new digitalization strategies to ensure high levels of effectiveness and efficiency, consequently also the management of structural costs will have to guarantee the same evolution.

Working closely with firms around the world, our industry specialists have put together a list of the top 10 issues facing the insurance industry in 2021, including details of what these issues mean and introducing some initial thoughts of how to address them.

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Discover the Top 10 Issues facing the Insurance Industry

Explore the most important issues impacting the insurance industry including details of what these issues mean for your business and how you can start to tackle them.

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