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Our latest market analysis guide is available for you to download now. This report looks at recent issues affecting a wide range of industries and sectors, providing detailed analysis and practical suggestions about how organisations can benefit.

Some of the key topics covered include:

  • Will you be affected by Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
  • Are you prepared for Secure Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • How to handle the Brexit fuelling price increase

Further details of each of these topics can be found below and the full Market Intelligence report is available for download so that you can read all of the topics covered.

Top 5 Cost Saving Tips

We have also included our top 5 tips for generating additional profit within your business with our cost saving tips.

Download our latest Market Intelligence

Our latest Market Intelligence includes our top 5 essential tips for generating additional profit within your business.

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Are you a manufacturer or retailer? Will you be affected by Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)?

With recent high-profile environmental case in the media such as the rise of plastic waste in our oceans, as well as the plight that climate change is having on our planet, environmental concerns are increasingly inhabiting consumer conscience. The Government, realising they must act, have launched an ambitious new Waste Strategy which plans to place further obligations on businesses that ‘handle’ packaging.

If your organisation has a turnover of more than £2m a year and handles more than 50 tonnes of packaging materials in a calendar year, this will apply to you. Download our latest Market Intelligence for further details and steps to take to protect your business.

Will your payment gateway be a drag on sales from September?

Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) is coming fast, and with many businesses naturally focused on managing the uncertainty of Brexit, some may struggle to plan thoroughly enough to avoid losing web sales when the September deadline arrives. To get more information on how to prepare for SCA to prevent losing sales, download our latest Market Intelligence.

How Brexit has Increased the Price of Fuel

With Brexit continuing to dominate the headlines, one issue that will have users of Fuel Oils concerned is the fluctuating pound and the effect that this has on the price of petrochemicals. Now, with the 29th March deadline fast approaching, the concern is that any further reduction in the value of the sterling will result in a dramatic increase in fuel costs. Is your business prepared for Brexit? Download our latest Market Intelligence for more details of how to manage your fuel costs post Brexit.

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