From 1st October 2018, providers of mobile phone services are required to give customers the option of a bill limit that cannot be exceeded without expressed consent. The new legislation was originally set out for providers in November 2017, the intention being to provide more transparency to customers, giving them better visibility of the terms of their agreement and ultimately to avoid businesses receiving hefty forfeits for exceeding their agreed upon terms.

In principle this sounds like good news for end users, particularly as enforcement becomes OfCom’s responsibility however, the new rules (full details of which can be found here) are somewhat toothless, as despite providers having to comply the general understanding within the industry is that short of receiving multiple complaints, the supplier is unlikely to receive any punitive measures, with little to no action being taken.

So where does this leave customers utilising mobile phone services from suppliers? Well, you’d be forgiven for feeling vulnerable to these excess usage charges, not least because of the amount of grey areas within the wording of the legislation. Ultimately, the best option is to avoid the exposure altogether and save yourself the headache of arguments with your supplier over additional costs.

Controlling your expenditure is always going to be the best way to avoid unnecessary costs and falling into legal black holes. This is where ERA can really help.

By engaging with a member of our experienced and specialised team, we can help identify any potential areas, such as those set out in the bill limit legislation, where you may have exposure and work with you to resolve those concerns. In addition, we’re able to look at the larger service requirement and identify efficiencies and savings that can be made to help you unlock more money to achieve your goals.

If you’re unsure about any of the above, or if you’re keen to take a more proactive look at your current commitments, get in touch with ERA today and start discussing the opportunities available to you and your business

About the Author: Nigel Rosehill

Nigel Rosehill is one of ERA’s longest serving consultants with 20 years experience in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland, developing a significant knowledge of how to tackle complex and challenging procurement assignments within the Communications area of expenditure, in which he specialises.