Published Tuesday 28th July 2020

The trading conditions that the UK has witnessed since lock down have ranged from reasonable in some sectors (a few) to absolutely horrific for many.

It is not ‘new’ anymore; it is unfortunately normal.

We have all been inspired and grateful for the hard work by Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Cleaners, Delivery Drivers and all key workers throughout this crisis.

As we hopefully move to an improving trading environment with one eye on a potential re-emergence of the virus, it is up to all of us to begin the process getting the wheels of industry back in motion. Teamwork will pay back the colossal debts UK PLC has generated to “Save Lives and Protect our NHS”.

What is not uncertain is that the trading environment that we operate in will be subdued and we will have recession; that much is obvious.

What is uncertain (sort-of) is the scale of the downturn and the length of time it will take to recover.

As we speak to clients all over the UK, it is clear that they are working hard on a range of assumptions which are continually evolving, to best position their business going forward. One of the single biggest issues facing all of us is bandwidth.

Not the bandwidth of your data circuits (though that may be an issue), but management bandwidth for the time poor leaders who need actual free-space to build cash-flow scenarios, make cost-base decisions, reviewing your contingency arrangements and re-imagine your business.

The scale and speed of decisions that business owners are making today, is unprecedented in modern times. We get it. In fact, it is why we exist. For over 25-years in 35+ countries we have been helping business owners, public sector and educational institutions to reduce their cost-base fast.

The majority of the work is carried out off-site over videoconferencing and most reviews completed and implemented within three months. With capacity to carry out multiple reviews simultaneously. We add to your bandwidth, support your teams to achieve the best value in the market and complete projects at pace.

We are specialists with insight to market analytics for a range of sectors that provide competitive advantage. This coupled with our buying power ensures that we obtain best value whilst never compromising quality or service standards.

We are so confident in our people and methodology that we are happy to operate under a Contingency Agreement. So, in unprecedented times we are here to help, support, reduce cost and increase your bandwidth fast. We get it and we are in it together.

About the Author: Neil McCallum, at all stages of his career has focused on Procurement, Process and ensuring organisations are lean and efficient. With the majority of experience in the business to business area he manages the reduction of costs, implementing innovative processes to deliver customer satisfaction and assists organisations to grow.