Published Monday 22nd February 2021

Staying safe and staying profitable: effective security solutions without compromising health & safety or increasing risk levels.

We are living through unprecedented times. Navigating the consequences brought by the global pandemic demands care, a proactive approach and above all, adaptability. ERA can help you. With lockdown rules continuously evolving and changing, it can become challenging for organisations to plan their strategies. How can businesses protect their most valuable assets, their people, and the workspaces they may return to in the future?

The impact of the ongoing pandemic has spread to all areas of business:

People are questioning – are traditional workspaces still appropriate? If so, how do we keep them safe and secure? The health and safety of employees has never been more important, and organisations are battling with the obligation to comply with Covid rules whilst minimising disruption to normal business.

Areas to Consider

  • Budgets are under extreme pressure in new ways.
  • Businesses need to be compliant but need to reduce costs.
  • Security needs to be in-keeping with the current changes.
  • Futureproofing is critical and you need the ability to move with the ever-changing environment.

Complimentary bespoke security service assessments, would include designing cost-effective and fit for purpose solutions.

As businesses cope with the impact of the pandemic, many will have buildings previously occupied by thousands of employees and now accommodating 100s, 10s or even vacant altogether – so security providers will need to re-evaluate their clients’ requirements to accommodate this massive change. There will never be a one-size-fits-all solution.

This is where Expense Reduction Analysts is uniquely qualified to help. We can provide an expert assessment of your existing security regime, coupled with recommendations for enhancements or cost efficiencies wherever problems or opportunities are identified.

Leveraging the expertise within our large network of consultants, we can work with you to quickly understand your needs and expectations for the building lockdown or low-occupancy period and advise on the best way forward:

  • You might not need a full security provision in buildings that will only be 10% or 20% occupied – or less – for the foreseeable future.
  • You might be able to better utilise existing staff resources by redeployment or with the addition of new technology.

Our review process, and of course our recommendations, will be tailored specifically to your business, the particular site, and the wider pandemic environment in order to add real value for your organisation. The emphasis will be on finding smarter solutions to meet current and likely near-term needs, taking in considerations of security, health and safety, employee well-being and cost-effectiveness for the business. We commit to monitoring supplier performance throughout a time frame aligned with the supply contract to ensure that all the savings are realized, sustained, and even improved over time. Throughout the process, we collaborate with you on a fully transparent basis, allowing you to retain control of all the key aspects of the engagement.

Most organisations are tightening up budgets as a result of Covid-19 and the effects of lockdown. With the end of the government furlough scheme looming, we can expect to see an even bigger financial push to drive costs down. Therefore an ERA cost optimisation review is an ideal route for delivering sustainable benefits whilst maintaining excellent services.

About the Author: Steve Clamp, joined ERA in 2006 after 25+ years’ experience gained in blue chip multinationals and his own consultancy business. Steve has delivered results to his clients in the manufacturing, distribution, sports & leisure, professional services, contracting, and public services sectors.