You may be finding big supplier price increases landing in your inbox at the moment. Some of these are genuinely based on commodity price rises, but depressingly far too often they’re simply opportunists channeling the current inflationary zeitgeist.

Across just 3 areas of law firm expenditure we’re seeing:

Records Management

Inflation busting increases in transport charges, often with the same percentage uplift being unreasonably applied to storage and handling prices.

If you haven’t reviewed Records Management costs for 3 years or more it’s likely you’ll already be paying too much anyway – with these latest increases simply compounding the problem. Some of our other clients have benefitted from savings in excess of 50% in 2022.

Office Supplies

Commodity prices are forcing up the cost of paper-based products. The UK’s largest supplier to law firms is increasing the cost of hundreds of popular lines by 22% and introducing additional delivery fees for small orders.

We can interrogate your expenditure to ensure you’re paying a market rate for supplies, and also work with you to mitigate your use of paper-based products permanently via our work on Document Production and Mailing services.

Payment Card Fees

In a recent round of discussions with law firms we’re finding increases in Payment Card Fees of up to 60%. There seems little justification for this – and increases are particularly aimed at consumer debit cards which hits consumer law firms hardest.

You can benefit from an initial review of these and many other back-office costs completely free of charge and free from any further commitment. To arrange a 30 minute call, click here.