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The Changing Fleet Market – Key Dates for 2019 & Beyond

With ever growing complexities in the world of fleet management, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for organisations to maintain their fleet operations effectively.

There have been a number of high profile issues reported in 2019 already, such as the increasing fuel costs which have been further impacted by the rising tax liabilities that fleet managers are having to factor into their 2019 plans. As a result, many businesses are actively looking for alternatives and savings to help mitigate these costs.

As with many organisations though, finding the time to not only implement change but also remain on top of all relevant legislation, particularly in relation to how these aspects directly impact balance sheets is extremely difficult. The rising costs and complexities of running a vehicle fleet have never been greater and ensuring you have the right mobility solutions and fleet policies in place now will save you and your business valuable time and money in the future. This is where ERA Fleet Cost Management* will help by providing impartial, insightful and strategic solutions to support you to deliver on your financial, operational and environmental objectives.

Crucial dates in the fleet calendar you need to know – Click the image below to view full size

"Clearly the costs associated with running and managing fleets are going to increase in 2019. Exactly how this will impact your bottom line will depend on a variety of factors, but unless organisations are dealing with these increases now and preparing ahead of time, the costs are going to be higher and more difficult to offset."

Please find below some of our fleet related case studies (including the respective industry each business operates within):

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