Creating value in today’s world: Think like a new entrant

Understanding the value of disruption and the power of prioritising ruthlessly

June 2021. How did you imagine it would look? Probably not as it currently is. Early 2020 saw COVID-19 rip through the globe in a tornado-like fashion, causing destruction to whatever and whoever crossed its path. Over a year on and the economic landscape and marketplace is not as we would have imagined or could have ever predicted. But… we made it.

There is no escaping the sadness and devastation the pandemic has caused many businesses and individuals alike, but this is not the time to quiver in fear and count our losses. Recently, we would have all heard the following phrases ‘when this is all over’, ‘when we get back to normal’, ‘with everything that’s happening at the moment’, ‘the next normal’… you get the picture. These terms all infer that we are waiting for something to change, happen or arrive.

Businesses need to stop waiting because the time is now and there are opportunities at your doorstep. Download the full publication today.

Download the full publication

Inside this issue of The Thought Leadership you will find insights and recommendations on how to think like a new entrant, how to execute ideas at a higher pace and how to prioritise ruthlessly, all with a focus on helping you to improve your business.

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Inside this issue of The Thought Leadership

Download the full publication today and inside you will find a wealth of discussion topics on a wide range of issues relevant to you. These include:

  • Disruption and value are linked
  • Execute at a higher pace
  • Prioritise ruthlessly
  • Agile procurement and supply chain
  • Next steps you can take

The supply chain aspect is particularly important, as it examines the key shifts being seen around the world and how businesses need to respond in order to maintain the integrity of their full value chains.

These are just a few of the topics covered in this issue, so download the full publication today and explore the entire range of insights.