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Expense Reduction Analysts is Championing Sustainable Procurement

Leaders in Cost Management & Optimisation, Delivering Value through Insight™

ERA UK is a leading network of cost optimisation consultants, offering strategic advice and practical methods which optimise costs, improve supplier relationships and deliver Value Through Insight to your business.

Globally we operate in over 40 countries with a network of more than 700 specialist procurement consultants, delivering expertise in a wide range of major cost groups.

Our people have experience gained during long careers at a senior level in their areas of expertise, and we use this experience to advise businesses on how to get the best from suppliers, to help boost business performance by providing tailored solutions which generate success and growth.

For organisations to employ specialists in every area of spend is neither practical nor efficient. However, deployed at the right time during long-term contract negotiations or new project requirements, expert external help to work alongside your staff often proves invaluable.

If you’d like to find out more, it starts with a conversation, so get in touch and we can discuss your needs and priorities to create a plan of action for your business.

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Our global network of industry specialists enables us to deliver international insight and local knowledge. People are at the core of what we do and it’s their insight that enables us to help so many clients. Explore our professional LinkedIn community to gain further insight into the genuine value we provide to the wider professional and business community through our interaction and collaboration.

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Why do you need us

We deliver additional profit to your business and provide best practices to your team, allowing your staff to stay focused on their highest priorities and your organization’s key initiatives and allows us to deliver cost savings and improve process efficiencies for you.

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Our Network

We are experienced business professionals with wide-reaching knowledge backed by a team of international experts with local presence to support your business.

Client Testimonial Videos: Hear Directly From Our Clients

We have put together a selection of testimonial videos from our clients so that you can hear their thoughts and opinions about ERA and the services we provide. These testimonials offer you first hand details of what a typical working relationship is like with our industry specialists, helping you to understand what you can expect when engaging with our business. Crucially, ERA has spent more than 25 years delivering thousands of successful cost saving projects to businesses all around the world. Here in the UK we have helped businesses from across a huge range of industries and sectors thanks to the insights, experience and expertise of our network. For us, our mission is to create partnerships with our clients so that you see us as trusted advisors, which enables us to continue delivering improved cash flow and financial flexibility to your business. For more than 25 years, ERA has delivered sustainable cost savings to businesses all around the world. We have put together a selection of testimonials from our clients offering their thoughts and opinions on the cash savings we've delivered as well as the long term trusted relationships we have built.

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The shocks that have shaken the global economy in recent years have introduced a new normal for turbulence. These episodes have lifted uncertainty to exceptionally high levels, which in turn can impact economic growth. This paper will provide the current economic outlook and look at the effects of inflation and interest rates – and ways we are seeing businesses navigating uncertainties. Download today.

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