Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement – Why it Matters

Sustainability is the word that will define our modern age, and its importance cannot be overstated. For decades, the challenges posed by climate change, habitat loss and the depletion of non-renewable resources have been ignored by businesses.

They can be ignored no longer.

We believe businesses should be a force for good, influencing and implementing positive change. That’s why Expense Reduction Analysts is championing sustainable procurement, ensuring our clients have all the relevant information on processes and supply chain options to help them to achieve their sustainability goals.

We see this as an opportunity to future-proof your business against a range of challenges, including strict government-mandated sustainability rules and disrupted supply chains.

Sustainable procurement solutions are often financially beneficial too.

For example, perhaps you have a manufacturing plant illuminated by traditional, energy-hungry bulbs. We can organise the installation of LED lighting, saving you money on your bills and contributing to a greener future.

Partnering with ERA won’t save the world. But it can give it a helping hand.

Sustainable challenges bring about opportunities for businesses, communities and people to thrive.

Because of this, ERA has acknowledged and actioned the importance of becoming carbon negative. We are partnered with Futureproofed to calculate our carbon footprint and our CO2 emissions.







Sustainable Procurement in Your Industry

Procurement as a Lever for Sustainable Change

Procurement as a Lever for Sustainable Change

Sustainability and sustainable procurement are essential for the long-term health of the planet and society.

By adopting sustainable practices, businesses can reduce their impact on the environment, promote social responsibility, and improve their economic bottom line.

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Sustainability in Healthcare: Can it be Achieved Without Compromising on Care?

Can you optimise procurement to enhance your bottom line and help the planet without sacrificing patient care?

The answer to that question is a collective and resounding yes.

Where do you start?

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Clintons: The Greetings Cards Chain Bags a Sustainable Future

The world is drowning in plastic.

Clintons, therefore, had just one goal in mind:

To reduce its environmental impact and achieve a more sustainable future.

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Sustainable Objective 2030

Drive the sustainable transformation of your company

It is increasingly common to hear that sustainable companies will be the most profitable, but what does it really mean?

Discover the 4 levers for sustainable development.

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How You Can Fund Sustainability Projects in Manufacturing

Sustainability is the buzzword of our modern age.

The concept of sustainability in manufacturing is a complex one. It can be approached from multiple directions with vastly different technologies and methods.

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Will the Circular Supply Chain Revolutionise Procurement?

Since day one, the supply chain structure has remained almost entirely unchanged.

If linear supply chains had a motto, it would be: TAKE, MAKE, WASTE.

Introducing the circular supply chain. Also known as the circular economy.

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‘A Conversation with’ – Q&A with Dan Howells

Project Specialist: Waste & Recycling

Dan Howells is a chartered waste manager and waste management consultant with years of expertise in the world of waste management.

Here we ask Dan some questions about the secret to his success.

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