Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Increase your Foreign Exchange Effectiveness

Our Foreign Exchange experts assist clients in arranging and measuring cost effective Foreign Exchange, Treasury Management and Money Transmission processes and supply arrangements.

For many businesses optimising the opportunity can be quite a challenging task and ERA is able to implement clear and measurable improved solutions that benchmark and demystify many of the costs and challenges encountered in this process.

Our specialists work with you to:

• Identify all the associated costs of buying, selling and transmitting foreign currency denominated payments
• Benchmark costs against market rates
• Measure profit margin
• Streamline processes
• Enhance MI
• Deliver measurable & provable savings
• Identify & Remove duplication of currency buying and selling

Foreign Exchange Services

In general, we will examine the end to end process that an organisation has in managing its foreign currency denominated business and overseas travel & procurement in any currency including sterling.

The project will ensure that the cost of procuring currency is clearly measurable and improved where possible. We’ll also ensure the whole service wrapped around it is best suited and cost effective for the business concerned. Simply because an overseas supply chain arrangement is in sterling does not mean to say that a business has the best price, because the sterling equivalent is arrived at by the supplier so even this aspect could be considered. As you can see, any business that has dealings with overseas could potentially benefit from for our assistance.

Cost Areas Include

• Foreign Exchange rates
• Transmission Costs
• Facility & Management Fees
• Foreign Travel & Expenses Management and Tracking
• Treasury Management