Optimise your E-Commerce Costs

Many organisations are taking advantage of e-commerce, including traditional retailers, a new breed of online businesses and manufacturers able to sell direct to customers for the first time.

ERA’s e-commerce offering enables our clients to take advantage of a complete end-to-end solution, utilising the expertise within our Banking, IT, Telecoms, Packaging and Distribution teams.

Rather than look at each spending category as a silo, our specialists work together, to deliver a holistic solution which works with stakeholders to determine the complex mix of needs and requirements. Our teams then examine all aspects of the infrastructure required to deliver a seamless solution that exceeds expectations and delivers both efficiency and tangible financial savings.

Multidisciplinary Teams

Our experts that have experience in this area, work with Finance, Procurement and often spend time with specialist Operational stakeholders to get underneath the detail of the current processes and sometimes complicated mix of suppliers.

The technology and systems that exist around delivering and accessing content, monitoring warehousing and stock levels, making and taking payments and getting the product into the hands of the customer are all changing rapidly. Below we take a quick look at where the impacts are felt in each of our Areas of Expertise – and the advantages that can come from looking at the whole process.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen increasing interaction between, for example our Payments and Telecoms teams, as the technology converges and there is increasing crossover. And as that technology changes, it’s going to be essential for clients to build supply relationships with companies that are able to offer these new technologies as they become mainstream in the next few years. The drivers for clients in the area of payment is that the process is ‘frictionless’ i.e. that it’s easy to use for the customer – and that it’s seen as secure. Get the balance right, and e-commerce retailers can take maximum advantage; they maximise the transactions that succeed and minimise those that fail due to security or other checks, with minimal risk.

Banking and Payments

Our Banking & Payments team has dedicated banking expertise from within the industry. Their combined knowledge encompasses everything from the latest technology to the latest legislation. They are able to advise on card payments, bank payments, compliance issues and emerging payments trends, meaning you can be sure their comprehensive service optimises all of your banking & payments arrangements.

For one recent client, an exercise we conducted to examine these risks highlighted that 10% of payments were being stopped due to security risks were being done so unnecessarily. By properly resetting the parameters and rebalancing the risk, we were able to generate a 10% increase in turnover online.

E-Commerce case studies

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