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We want your business leaders to be better informed, have access to better data to enable them to make better decisions from informed choices that add value to your organisation.

Marketing as a key function of the business, often holds a significant budget responsibility. We will help you procure more for less, and achieve better value from your chosen specialist supplier, without affecting your ability to be flexible, creative and provide strategic direction for the company.

A little more information

We look at a range of typical marketing cost centres. We apply our knowledge, experience and skills within the broad marketing discipline to bring insight and focus to achieve value-for-money, ensuring you spend more time on strategic thinking and achieving your business goals.

All too often price is the seen as the key determiner of value. We like to question that thought. We will look holistically at your objectives for purchase, the factors controlling your budget and what value-for-money looks like for you. Then we aim to ensure your budget is working to achieve your objectives and being spent on the right things with the right suppliers, or perhaps not spent at all.

Cost Areas Include:

• Advertising
• Internet
• Magazine Subscriptions
• Marketing Services
• Promotional Advertising & Incentives

Marketing Services

At some time, every Marketing Professional is asked to demonstrate the ROI achieved from their work, and it is a constant challenge.

Balancing the need to do a really block buster campaign that shows off your product or service, or funnelling marketing £’s into glossy sales aids or re-designed the website are decisions that take up your time.

Let ERA bring commercial rigor to your marketing budget. Let us help ensure every £pound is spent appropriately to enable you to achieve value-for-money rather than just focus on cost.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how ERA can help you manage the cost of your marketing.

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