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Print Management Outsourcing

We help our clients to reduce their printing and copy costs with the objective of delivering ongoing cost savings and helping the client gain visibility and control of their printing and total costs via an effective Managed Print Solution.

The initial review will typically focus on the client contract, collecting lease and service agreements and latest invoices. Most organisations will normally lease their office copiers and many of these contracts will be biased in favour of the supplier, often with unethical contracts with lease liabilities for terminating the contract early. Whilst an early release from an existing contract may not be practical due to the liabilities we can ensure that we understand the clients current and future requirements, ensuring that they are best placed with the most cost-effective solution when the current contract permits.

Cost Areas Include:

• Consumables
• Lease Purchase
• Printers
• Copiers

Our Process

Our experts have experience in helping organisations of all sizes and within all industries. Charities, Schools, Colleges, Government, Commercial and Corporate have all benefited from our independence from suppliers, which guarantees our total impartiality and transparency, enabling our client to have the peace of mind knowing that we operate in the best interest in helping them with their objectives.

Client visit – a floor walk to gain a visual understanding of current deployed devices with an electronic audit taken by using specialist software to capture existing print asset data including print volumes.

An analyses of the data collected is then used to produce a calculation of the Total Cost Of Ownership of the existing printer fleet. The focus will be on the Managed Print Content. This focus on the user, rather than the print device, means decisions can be based on fact rather than a print volume count or the lease-end of a particular device. Also, managing the user will help determine what type of equipment should be placed in a particular department based on print volume, types of applications being used and document workflow. This factual approach to printer fleet management not only saves money but helps create efficiencies in user workflow while identifying wasteful print habits.

Upon acceptance of the proposed solution, that meets all of the client’s requirements, a project management process will be applied and will include discussing with client and selected supplier:

• Project plan for delivery
• Installation and testing phase
• Disposal process and ownership rights of old equipment
• Training programme with key stakeholders

Audit & Manage
• Manage supplier pricing and service issues.
• Analyse:
– Service invoices and print usage
– Service call outs and delivery against SLA’s
• Continuously review and improve processes via quarterly reviews

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