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Records Management

Increase your records management efficiency

Organisations tend to review Records Management costs at most every 3 to 5 years, and as documents are often stored off-site this can be a matter of out of sight, out of mind.

The complexities of Records Management contracts also encourage inertia, not least the application of Hostage Charges in the form of Exit or Permanent Withdrawal fees.

The introduction of GDPR in May 2018 is driving the review of current arrangements from a compliance perspective, but most organisations are at an extreme disadvantage when considering commercial terms.

Fortunately, ERA’s Records Management Team is active in the market every day negotiating & auditing the storage of millions of files & boxes across multiple suppliers.

Our tried & trusted process shines a light into the deepest recesses of your current contract. Once our review is complete you will have transparent market-leading pricing and a clear & compliant service schedule.

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The Problem

How good is our current deal?

If you only engage in the marketplace every 3, 5 or even 10 years it can be difficult to gauge whether your current arrangements are cost competitive, using contemporary techniques or taking proper account of regulatory changes.

How do I address contractual issues?

Your last contract may have expired, can be missing or could be open to interpretation.

Hostage charges

Most suppliers will levy charges to firms for the “permanent withdrawal” of their boxes & files. Such charges range from the unfair to the indefensible.

Problem archives

The supply of Records Management services may present you with other challenges:

  • Over time or via M&A supply may become fragmented.
  • You may be behind with file destruction, so volume has grown.
  • You may have a partially or wholly uncatalogued archive.
  • You may have concerns over how compliant your current services are.

The ERA Solution


Even before a formal engagement ERA’s Records Management Team will indicate if and how your terms can be improved. We then proceed to unpick complex tariffs and contracts to illustrate the real costs of records management for you.


Because ERA is in the market with multiple suppliers on a daily basis, we’re able to use our influence to speedily clarify contractual issues.


ERA’s Records Management Team strives to ensure all Exit Charges are reimbursed to you, and that no new Hostage Charges are applied to the tariff in the new contract.


ERA’s Records Management Team is adept at dealing with:

  • Consolidation of suppliers
  • Recataloguing of poorly referenced archives
  • Uplift of archives from Client premises
  • Compliance

    Every project we undertake has a 100-point service, process & compliance checklist to ensure you enter into a new contracts in full possession of the facts.

    Records Management Case Studies

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