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Building and Plant

Building & Plant Optimisation Solutions

The Building & Plant team specialises in assisting a range of ERA clients with reducing their outgoings and optimising service provision.

They cover the full range of consumables and plant hire used to support a wide range of maintenance activities.

A little more information

Our Building & Plant team often works in collaboration with our Facilities Management team to deliver holistic solutions that exceed client expectations.

We specialise in providing solutions to organisations that are involved in a wide range of maintenance activities, whether they employ their own team, or use subcontractors – we provide innovative solutions designed to reduce costs and improve service delivery.

We work alongside existing teams, adding expertise and advice in certain areas as required, as well as additional resource to make them capable of delivering more.

Cost areas include:

• Building Material Supplies
• Building Work – Major
• Building Work – Routine
• Plant & Equipment Maintenance
• Plant & Mechanical Handling Hire

Building and Plan Services

We use our skills and experience to allow all kinds of organisations to optimise processes and reduce their expenditure in a range of areas relating to Buildings, Materials, Contracting and Plant & Mechanical Handling Hire.
Today, the scope of a Buildings Management function is often broad and responsible for significant budgets. In recent times, these budgets regularly suffer from being reduced whilst the function is expected to deliver the same level of service, even when it is not always given the importance it deserves by organisations.

Our team can add significant value through our broad market knowledge and experience gained over many years of involvement within these industries. We benchmark our clients’ current situation, gather specific requirements and carry out an independent and comprehensive tendering process, then deliver a report which details our recommendations. Our process is robust and clients can be assured that any recommended options will meet the requirements of the business both now and into the future.

Our team of experts are on hand to help reduce expenditure on areas such as:

• Refurbishment & Dilapidations
• Technical property surveys
• Corporate interiors & office furnishing
• Move management & relocation services
• Mechanical & electrical installations
• Space planning
• Dilapidation survey and cost management
• Maintenance & Repair
• Building materials
• Electrical materials
• Plumbing & heating materials
• Equipment & tools
• Equipment Maintenance
• Plant & Mechanical Handling Equipment Hire
• Workwear & PPE

Our team works with our Client to establish their specific requirements to ensure we fully understand what support they require when managing their property and maintenance portfolio. By properly profiling these requirements we can suggest which suppliers are best placed to delivery what is required both now and into the future.

Our objective is to find the most cost effective and innovative solution that supports our clients’ business requirement whilst leaving them in control of their purchasing at all time.

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