Business Utilities

Business Utilities

Reduce business utilities costs

ERA combines specialist procurement knowledge with extensive experience of the energy market, to deliver a bespoke service centred on reducing your outgoings whilst maintaining service levels.

The dynamics of the energy market present an ongoing challenge to businesses. Energy markets are often extremely volatile, with wholesale energy prices changing daily. In addition, there is a bewildering choice of energy suppliers and contractual arrangements, with terms and conditions varying significantly between suppliers.

The Utilities Team can provide the time and expertise to help clients through these issues .With daily monitoring of the energy markets, extensive experience of negotiating with suppliers, and an in depth knowledge of the industry, we are well placed to deliver a tailored solution to our client’s energy requirements.

Cost areas include:

• Electricity
• Energy Efficiency Audit
• Gas
• General
• Energy Consumption
• Renewable Energy

In common with all commodity markets, volatility is a constant feature of the energy market. A multitude of external factors impact on the daily wholesale costs for electricity and gas and this poses a challenge for businesses when energy contracts are due to be renewed.

Changes in Government legislation particularly in relation to environmental taxes and amendments to Ofgem regulations mean that the non commodity costs are also continually changing. To make informed decisions clients need to be able to take a view on timing and supplier selection for renewals. By closely tracking the wholesale energy market on a daily basis the ERA Utilities Team can put clients in a position to take these informed purchasing decisions.

The ERA approach is tailored specifically to each client’s needs and size, from a single site SME to larger groups with multiple sites, through to high energy consuming businesses where potentially a small movement in the energy cost can make a significant difference in overall costs. We deliver unbiased energy solutions built on a belief that knowledge is power.

ERA agrees a bespoke strategy and a clear set of objectives with each client. These might vary from a simple remit to manage all contract renewals, to portfolio management with contract end date alignment and supplier consolidation in order to improve administration, to a more consultative engagement where contract pricing can be negotiated up to 12 months in advance.

In all cases the standard elements of the ERA service include:

• Energy Procurement
• Supply Contract Negotiations
• Account Management
• Customer Service and Billing
• Site Registration and Dispute Resolution
• Cost and Consumption Reporting as Required
• The ERA service is backed by excellent relationships with all the major suppliers required to ensure competitive quotations are obtained in response to tenders and pricing enquiries.

Procurement is only part of the energy picture and ERA can additionally work with clients to provide solutions for the following energy related areas:

• Energy Consumption Management-practical advice for businesses on how to consume less energy.
• ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) Compliance. The first of the four yearly ESOS cycles has just come to an end, but many businesses have recognised the need to measure energy consumption far more effectively so as to be able to manage usage more proactively.
• P272. ERA can manage the transfer of non half hourly maximum demand meters to half hourly settlement and put in place the necessary meter operator and data collection/data aggregation agreements, under the terms of the new Ofgem regulations.
• ERA can also manage change of tenancies where clients are adding or disposing of sites and conduct capacity reviews.

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