Reduce cleaning costs and maximise service delivery

We help our clients to reduce their cleaning costs whilst maximising service delivery.

We utilise our purchasing leverage, knowledge and influence in the facilities management market, to create and implement bespoke solutions that deliver maximum savings and benefits without compromising service.

A little more information

Contract cleaning is a mature and highly fragmented market, which has, despite on-going economic pressures, continued to observe year-on-year growth over the past five years. However, suppliers have often been found to be using the changing climate and introduction of new legislation, to increase pricing and potentially enhance margins.

The introduction of the phased increases in the Living Wage, have resulted in an increased frequency of contract amendments required to remain compliant with the regulations. Expense Reduction Analysts ensure that our clients receive the best services available, always at the best rates.

Green issues and a drive towards sustainable cleaning practices have become increasingly noticeable across cleaning operations in recent years, fuelled by a rise in demand from client organisations, which have become more and more concerned with ensuring corporate responsibility is maintained. As such, Expense Reduction Analysts ensure that our clients ambitions in these areas are addressed as part our process.

Cost areas include:

• Contract Cleaning

Cleaning Services

ERA Experts will:

Conduct a full survey of our client’s service expectations, followed by a complete and full review of our client’s contracts, services, specifications and requirements.

We will then provide detailed analysis of the current situation, highlighting potential areas of opportunity that exist, prior to approaching the market.

Having ensured that a detailed proposal has been agreed and delivered to selected and approved suppliers that best meet our clients future needs, we will present the results and options to our clients, highlighting the benefits of each option.

Clients can easily review and indicate their preference for the next steps, which usually involves a shortlist of suppliers presenting their solutions in person for discussion and analysis.

We will then oversee the implementation process to ensure that the future services are delivered to the specifications, shift patterns and methodology agreed during the review, are delivered in a timely manner.

The improvements are then monitored quarterly to prevent ‘contract creep’, and ensure that all services and solutions engaged at the outset, along with any newly developed technology or processes, are maintained and introduced across the contract period.

Cleaning Case Studies

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